Pengembangan Balairung Universitas Indonesia

Architecture Design Competition 2011: 4th Prize

Location: Universitas Indonesia, Depok

Year of Completion: March 2011

Client: -

A competition entry for addition and alteration of the existing Balairung (Great Hall) of UI main campus Depok. The brief is to enlarge the capacity of Balairung and a new 1000 seats auditorium. The main concept is 'beranda hijau akademika', derived from the identity of the existing Balairung and PAU/Rektorat with 'open' character and strong axis. Other considerations are maintainability, flexibility, green building issues and buildability in phases due to budget constraint. Based on these considerations, new building form is simple, modern and strengthen the presence of the existing Balairung, PAU, yet still retain its own distinction.